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About Me

Hi! My name is Megan and I am so happy you are here. I mean *really* happy you are here. Basically I am that girl whose husband sends her in to Starbucks and 20 minutes later I'm still talking to the lady in line beside me and all our drinks are cold (fortunately he is wild about me). I love people! I love meeting people and talking to people and hearing their life stories. And this crazy, fun, friendship-filled journey with Norwex actually started with my four most favorite little people: Rowan the Great, Phoenix the Brave, Penelope the Princess and the Genevieve the Mighty (I always want to call your kids that because their names sound so medieval - you could pick their qualities better than I can but you get the drift of what I'm going for), the hardest and most beautiful journeys of my life.


Most people that meet us are astounded at our life. Two of our children have spina bifida, two of them have a heart defect and all of them are highly sensitive to anything synthetic or fragrance-filled. 


In fact, when we left the NICU with our special guy Phoenix and his complex medical needs, his specialist looked at me and said "Don't ever use bleach in your home." Whaaaat?!!? Not something I would ever expect to hear coming from a doctor in a hospital. It was the first time I had ever considered the chemical content of bleach or that it was this dangerous! That began my adventure with "green" cleaners and vinegar, and NONE of them cleaned like my favorite old-school toxic cleaners.  But the more research I did, the more aware I became. The lasting effects of these common cleaners on my health and my children are so real.


After some kicking and screaming I FINALLY went to a party and, as you can imagine, Norwex had me at hello. What started as a fun part-time gig has now grown into our family's sole income, and now it is my passion to help other people make little changes that create a safe haven to call home. I became a successful sharer of Norwex not because I am a brilliant business woman or have all the secrets, but because it has changed my life, my home, the way we clean and how we feel confident that we are doing what is best for our kids. What an amazing feeling!


You are here because you are wondering What's the Big Deal or you need help getting started with your cloths. I am here to teach you how to Sparkle and Shine in no time - and to hear your life stories because I am also really good at that. Did I mention I am a retired hairdresser? This is going to be so much fun!



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