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Join Me and Team Sparkle & Shine! 


You Shine bright, why not teach others too?!! IF you landed here and are reading the details of How and Why to join me in this FUN and Life changing job. Know that I am doing a Happy Dance :), read away and feel free to contact me to talk more!


Norwex and I have grown together, this was a fun part time gig for me and has grown to be our families sole Income and my Full time job. What a Crazy, fun, friendship filled journey, that turned into a career of my dreams.


I am a Vice President Sales Leader with Norwex and this equates to leading a fabulous group of trailblazers (1200 strong and growing daily), Team Sparkle & Shine. Together we are sharing the mission and building relationships with our hostess’, customers and team members helping change homes, lives and dreams.


Team Sparkle & Shine is composed of 1200 plus woman spanning across the US and last year together we reached into thousands of homes and sold over $1.5 Million in Norwex, that’s a lot of cloths, UNREAL. Never in my wildest dreams would I see myself selling cloths through Party plan and the honor and joy of blooming beside others and watching these women and their families dreams become a reality through the Flexibility and real income of this job, the sky is the limit.


Let’s start with my favorite questions! Do you Love Norwex? Need extra income? A job to call your own? How about flexibility, fun and a new Adventure in friendships and personal growth. Are you here because you curious? OR maybe like me you just want details, details, details! If you answered yes to any of these, than here WE GO!!!


You can learn all the details here.

But let me give you the snapshot of what I Love and have experienced in my 4 years with this Job!

1. Flexibility: this is your business and Norwex gives you everything you need to succeed. But you pick your hours, dates and shape it around you and what’s most important to you! And, Norwex can be Part time, Fulltime, Big time or as a Hobbyist. No one will tell you how to work this Biz that is all your decision, but just so you know, dreaming is encouraged :)

2. Friendship and Serious Encouragement, growth and Support: You will find the Best, Smartest, kindest, and most encouraging woman and a few good men on our team cheering you on every step of the way.


3. Income with unlimited Potential, truly, there is so much room for career Consultants. And you make 35% on every sale. Inviting others to Jump in with you is where the income increases and the deep Joy & dreaming happens. 

4. Longevity, everyone cleans and spends way too much money on those products, Norwex is a welcomed and fast growing change to many homes, finances and saves time. Plus our Hostess plan is THE MOST GENEROUS and so often your Hostess can’t wait to have you over to party again!

5. Diversity. From full time working mommas (Teachers, IT Managers, Nurses, Retired grandmas with experience, college students, Stay at home mommas, and that’s just a glimpse of the expertise, and experience you will have camaraderie with) we all call Norwex, their Fun JOB! Do you have a FUN JOB?

6. Integrity. Trust and Respect Our core values and truly what our product and mission are. Authentically from the founders to all the staff, there are always actions that back these values. We care and change today’s earth and homes, with our products. Even more though the generosity with how and what we Norwex gives back to our communities, to give generously to organizations that improve life.


Those are my 5 faves, but I guarantee you’ll find other reasons and I would love to have you and help you find your faves! Ready to talk! Message me and we will set a chat date, I am a No pressure girl and we’ll laugh together I promise!



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