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Household Package How-To

3 pieces, No MORE bottles cluttering your home and falling on your head when you open that cabinet of secret neglected cleaners (I mean you have this issue too, oh it was just me). Maybe your story is that you run to Target for disinfectant wipes and paper towels, only to buy new shoes, and 18 non essential items from the $1 spot, oh wait is that only me too ;(


Not anymore! We have saved a lot of Money and I have not had to hide so many purchases. But, truly what is so Magical about these cloths?


Here’s a crash course on these 3 little gems. The Household Package is Where you Begin!


  • The Science: strongest ply of Microfiber 1/200th of a Hair

  • Embedded/ woven with Silver in the Cloth

  • EPA certified to pick up 99% off of surfaces with proper use


HOW TO: WET. RING Out. And clean in 75% less time. Rinse and Repeat cleaning addiction. Hang to dry by tag and Silver feature (Baclock) and Airflow work together to self sanitize it in 24 hours.


THE MAGIC: Literally cleans from Kitchen to Bathroom and back around again with just water, nothing moves from surface to surface. Truly replaces EVERY BOTTLE In that Cabinet, from all-purpose wipes to sprays, just Enviro  (I call it Ernie, he Cleans EVERYTHING)! Go Sparkle now!


WINDOW CLOTH: SHINES ALL surfaces, leaves Streak free

  • The Science: Woven with a smooth, lightweight feel

  • Our patented microfiber Embedded with Silver (Baclock)

  • Streaks are No Competition J


HOW TO: DRY Makes every surface Streak free and Shiny. Works hand and hand with the Envirocloth.


THE MAGIC: This cloth replaces that cloth you would use in conjunction with a spray, like Paper towel. Dry the clean surfaces, window, mirrors, stainless steel, countertops and even wood that need a shine. I call him Bert cause this cloth is a little OCD (makes everything perfectly shiny). GO Get your Shine on! 




  • The Science: Woven with a plush microfiber

  • Our Patented microfiber embedded with Silver (Baclock)

  • The Plush microfiber picks up and holds dust particles, which are larger in size.


HOW TO: USE DRY and go pick up that layer of dust lurking anywhere in your home.


THE MAGIC: Replaces your shine spray and dust cloth or duster. You can use on tabletops to picture frames, fan blades and everything in between. Your kids will love it too! I call the dust mitt Cookie monster, cleans that dusty mess up as fast as he demolishes a cookie.



Hope this helps you Sparkle and Shine in No time! Creating more space in your life to do What you LOVE, not that To Do list of cleaning!



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