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Host a Party!


Top 10 Reasons you want to HOST a ROCKING NORWEX GIRLS NIGHT {from my Hostess’ mouths to your ears}!


10. Inevitable as it is, the only way to see some of your friends is to host a Cleaning Party :)


9. I come and clean. What?!!! Yep FREE cleaning and showing off The Sparkle & Shine Magic.


8. There may or may not be Chicken Lickin happening. Yep you read that right. WOW!


7. Cleaning can be Fun, especially if friends and wine are involved!


6. One product your hubby will not have anything to say about the $ you spent. Cause we all spend way too much money on cleaning supplies


5. $200 plus in FREE Norwex, FREE. Just FREE. As in, not 50% off, Just FREE! No spending as a Hostess unless you want to.


4. There’s something to be said about hosting friends and your house being cleaner after.


3. You can help those you love save time, money and their health. {Toxicity in our bottles is a scary thing. Just read the warning labels.}


2. This is not a non-essential (like other products out there). This is a daily life essential. You already spent $ at Target on cleaning Supplies this week. The average American home spends $800 a year on cleaning products.


1. IT TRULY IS A LIFE CHANGER! Sparkle & Shine in no time with cloths and water! IT works. Fun, fast and EASY!



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